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Published by | Friday, May 15th, 2009

Taz Tally in the lynda.com recording space

Taz Tally in the lynda.com recording space as he waits for his movies to render!

My first memory of Taz is from the late 1990′s when I observed his blurry figure running up and down a giant escalator as fast as he could in the lobby of a hotel where a photography trade show was taking place. Years later, when he first came to record video classes at lynda.com in 2004, we invited him to our house for dinner. Bruce and I will never forget Taz showing up, covered in mud from a local hike he took after work, with a live caterpillar poking out of his curly hair! These two examples describe some of the many sides of Taz Tally. He’s a digital photography master, a fitness fanatic, sports a Ph.D. in geology, and  is a true mountain man who loves to hike and explore the wild.

Taz is currently recording a photography color correction course using Photoshop CS4. He pitched the idea to me of creating a fitness video sharing all the techniques he uses when traveling, working at his desk, or how to take advantage of every day situations and objects instead of gyms and cumbersome equipment. What do you think? Are we ready for fitness videos at lynda.com?

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7 Responses to “Dr. Taz Tally at lynda.com”

  1. Neil says:

    Taz sounds like quite the renaissance man! I think that a short course on how to stay fit while being a technology professional is a great idea. I had an acquaintance develop vascular issues in his legs and his doctor said it was the result of excessive time in his computer chair without activity. I’d love to hear what Taz has to say.

  2. Maciej says:

    Taz is a genius – no doubts. A great instructor also, his “InDesign CS3 Prepress Essentials” is great – there is no other video or on-line training provider that offers in-depth courses on prepress… Dear Dr. Taz, I need more… much more – how about CS 4 Prepress Essentials and Beyond the Basic? Some course on Distiller? — doesn’t matter what you do, I’ll take it

  3. naveed says:

    i think its a great idea to have one fitness video too, spending all the day in front of pc really makes it hard to stay fit physically

  4. Frank Klaver says:

    No seriously I think it is a brilliant idea. I would not be so intressted in a fitnness video from a fitness trainer who is not also a dedicated computer user. Now I do not render a lot of video so..just kidding. Any way, really not a health/fitness training from the perspective of a athlete only, but from someone who nows the grind of sitting and just using hand eye coordination for hours.
    I think you can not go wrong with that and I bet you that, if it is good, it will become very popular !

  5. Bob H. says:

    WOW! Those pictures remind me of Jack LaLanne. Thanks for making me field older. :)

  6. Bill Weinman says:

    Hey Lynda — I think a fitness video for us desk jockeys is a great idea!

  7. Dan Yeager says:

    Could we have a fitness video where short segments on stretching pop up every thirty minutes?

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