What should be in a Joomla! web basics course?

Published by | Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Joomla! Advanced CSS with Jen KramerOne of our lynda.com authors, Jen Kramer, and I are scheduled to talk this week about an idea for a new course. Jen is the author of Joomla! Creating and Editing Custom Templates and Joomla! Advanced CSS in the lynda.com Online Training Library®, and creates Joomla! based sites through her company, 4Web.

Since publishing these courses with us, Jen tells me she has been surprised by the number of lynda.com members who have written in asking her how to make the graphics and base-line web site assets/HTML for Joomla! sites. She had wrongly assumed that most people already knew how to do this, and we’ll be talking about creating a course to explain these details.

A whole new generation of web publishers are coming in through the CMS (content management system) door (i.e. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla!), and their learning process is different than those of us who started in web development and design before CMS existed.

I’m planning to green-light her new course suggestion for a Joomla! web basics course because I love to find new ways to support the diverse membership of lynda.com. One of the joys of building the library is to listen to what members want to know, and fill the holes and gaps.

What would you like to see in a Joomla! course that focused on building design, forms and HTML assets?

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6 Responses to “What should be in a Joomla! web basics course?”

  1. Bryan Zimmerman says:

    Dear Lynda,

    I was excited about the courses from Jen, but after watching the first one I was very dissapointed. There needs to be a series much like your Adobe courses that are geared towards the designer AND developer. I am pretty savvy with the CSS, but the rest is just something I would rather not deal with at this point in my career.

    How about a Joomla for designers series that gets into the “how to’s” of placing a module within an article, or some of the “global setting” features? Another one I always seem to get stuck on is which template to customize, which I am sure Jen covered in her series, but for us right-brainers it didn’t stick.

    I think the Joomla (Drupal, WordPress) courses should be broken into developers and designers, and talk more about some of the tricks or hidden features to put a site together in an efficient manner.

    Keep up the great work!

    Bryan Zimmerman
    lynda.com Subscriber since March 2008

  2. When I first started with Joomla!, what I struggled most with was figuring out the “schema” for its content architecture. The way that sections and categories and articles interact to create different page views was not very well documented in the resources I consulted.

    I found lynda.com’s Joomla! courses very helpful from a “how to do stuff” standpoint, but the “how stuff works” is also needed.

    Thanks for your excellent work in this area and for the decision to expand the Joomla! offerings.

    Rebecca Adler
    lynda.com subscriber

  3. Jonatas Rodrigues says:

    It would be very useful to publish something that teachs us how to create joomla extensions. There are great extensions available today but not enough. I wish I could learn hot to make for example a Real State full customized module for joomla as well a car store search engine with multiple fields. I guess we already have enough image galleries, and templates for news information. We need something more.

    You guys are awsome

    Jonatas Rodrigues

  4. Aryan says:

    Please provide Extension and Framework development course.

  5. Daniel says:


    There should be a clear distinction between titles that are end-user oriented and those for developers. Joomla! is both a platform and a product, and I believe the two should be treated separately, at the peril of losing focus.

  6. Working on a Joomla site and came in to see how much help is available. Have the template designed, loaded, hosted and have section, category, articles in place. Now need help with data base, placing modules in articles. Can figure it out with three joomla books under my belt but would nice to save time and be in a forum to bounce off each other what we have learned. What we need to figure out.

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