Hello, world!

Published by | Friday, May 1st, 2009

lyndamay1Let the blogging begin! Very excited to kick off the postings and am looking forward to the upcoming conversations! Thanks for visiting, and we (me and other lynda authors, staff and guests) hope to see you here regularly!

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6 Responses to “Hello, world!”

  1. Wippo says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Check out ours: blog.frenchbull.com Looking forward to some interesting content.

  2. Michael Mileham says:

    One editing computer sits in front of me and a laptop sits at the side of me. As I edit, I anticipate the next issue or desire, I turn to the laptop and find the Lynda lesson that applies. While the lesson loads (thank god for the low bandwidth lessons), I finish a short render while I taking in the new information. With a leg up on the next task I’m more productive. Now all I need is an 8 core Mac. I have two features I directed, one concert film, two sketch comedy clips and a doc in FCP right now. Every project needs a different tool. Michael Mileham

  3. Jan Kabili says:

    So exciting to see the lynda.com blog up and running. Congrats to the team that put it together!

  4. Amber says:

    Yay! What a great idea! I just LOVE your site. I am addicted to watch training videos…something I NEVER though I would hear myself say, or see myself type. ;)

  5. Turki says:

    Awesome! Keep the updates coming.

  6. Richard John Jenkins says:

    Great news Lynda! Now lets get your SEO in order!!! ;-)

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